22 Oct 2019

My Open Day Experience – ACM Student Alys Sheahan

My ACM open day experience was filled with information about ACM and what it has to offer their students. It is a great chance to meet new peers as well as ask many questions you have about ACM and your possible future studies there. These regular open days have plenty of staff on hand to answer your questions and give you a better idea of the academy as a whole. Being an international student, I thought that the open days were a great opportunity to find out more about ACM, other than what is on the website.

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What Is Involved?

At the open day, I was greeted with a welcome presentation and speech by the head/owner of ACM where he talked about his background, the background of ACM and what musicians can take away from the academy. This was very enlightening and gave much information about how I can better my learning as a musician at ACM. Following this was a short video giving a selection of student’s insight of what they thought was great about ACM. Some of these points included the opportunities that come with studying there. It was fantastic to hear from the perspectives of existing students as it gave me a greater understanding of what studying there may look like.
Next, we were given a tour around the four campuses, where we were shown around by a student ambassador. Here, we were able to ask the students questions about life at ACM and what to expect as well as gaining an insight to the academy’s facilities and structure.

Following the tour, members of staff were located in various rooms in which we could visit and talk to about our courses. Here, I asked questions about the grading of work, what our ‘projects’ entail and what ACM is looking for in their students. I was lucky here to have found a tutor who works on the diploma course as he was able to answer my questions.

Finally, at the end of the open day, we were able to get to know our peers over coffee in the Electric Theatre as well as ask questions to the owner/head of ACM. We were given a welcome pack with a booklet and form which we were asked to fill out and mail to the academy. This form was aimed at students who had already secured their place ACM and asked questions to get to know us before joining in the following September.


The fact that the ACM open days are held regularly throughout the year is great for international students or those who want to attend more than one; it gives everybody a chance to receive the information they need. At the open day, I found it very helpful that there were both staff and existing students on hand to answer my questions and direct me to the right places.
Moreover, I thought the tour of the campuses gave us a brilliant idea of where we will be spending our time for the next two years; we saw all aspects of the academy from practice rooms to production studios. As well as this, the welcome speech gave a great idea of how the system at ACM works with grading and how we are awarded credits.

Key questions to ask

I think it is important to ask what standard of ability ACM is looking for in a musician so that you are not disappointed or overwhelmed when you arrive here. This also lies under asking what ACM is looking for in a student/musician which would give a much better idea of what to expect when studying here.

  • The main question I had was about what I could take away from ACM specifically to me as a musician. I also was keen to know about the amount of outside work we would be expected to complete such as homework, project work etc.
  • Having been attending ACM for the past three months, I can see the large difference in how ACM life is different to school life for a diploma student. This may be something students looking to attend ACM would like to find out more about because of the significant difference.

If you dream of achieving success in the creative industries, come along to one of our Open Days. We can’t wait to see what our alumni do next – and we’d love to welcome you into the ACM community.

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