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ACM will be running a series of 1 Week Intensive Courses, allowing prospective students to develop and refine their skills in preparation for both full time HE study and the professional music industry at large.

ACM’s One Week Intensive Courses/Bootcamp for 2013 has now finished. The dates and course details for 2014 are to be confirmed. If you are interested or would like to register your interest in studying at ACM, please get in touch with us directly.

Music Theory and Ear Training
During this course, students will cover all aspects of music theory required to successfully study on the ACM Higher Education Programmes. They will also be taught ways to develop their perception of pitch, harmony and rhythm, sharpening up the skills needed to transcribe and perform music. Now successfully into the third year of delivery, this fun, intensive course is a proven way of rapidly improving both music theory and aural perception skills.

Sight Reading and Music Notation
To successfully undertake a Higher Education music course, you will need to become comfortable with both reading and notating music. If your sight reading or notation skills need refining, this is the perfect opportunity to learn how to read and notate music, followed by the chance to apply these new skills in cross discipline performance workshops. Led by our team of music industry professionals, you will quickly learn to negotiate your way around simple written examples, gradually increasing in difficulty as the week progresses.

Technique and Improvisation
World class musicians know that good technique and a positive mental approach are crucial to underpinning any performance, especially one which requires you to think on your feet. This practical short course will lead you through a series of musical scenarios, broken down into preparation and application classes. Each day will focus on the technique and approach needed for the task ahead, culminating in a cross discipline performance workshop, where you will get the opportunity to play under the guidance of some of the UK’ s most gifted improvising musicians. This practical course is perfect preparation for HE level study, but is equally useful to working musicians wishing to improve their technique and improvisation skills.

Each 1 week course = £195.00
Any two 1 week courses = £350.00
All three week courses = £450.00