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12 Aug 2016

Novaa Truly Connects On 'Hands'


Novaa is still only 19 years old, but already the producer’s voice has blossomed into something remarkable.

At times drifting into ambience, at others pointed pop, Novaa’s music has a colour, a character all of its own.

New EP ‘Stolen Peaches’ is forthcoming, with Novaa airing lead cut ‘Hands’ on Clash. Shifting through different gears and tempos, ‘Hands’ demonstrates the sheer breadth and versatility in her music.

The producer explains that the track “is about trying to connect to someone but not being able to get past the physical level. I tried to give it a very hypnotic, trance-like and also dark atmosphere that is meant to reflect that desperate feeling of not being able to see someone fully and clearly behind his/her human layers.”

“During the song the protagonist is constantly questioning the relationship to the other person and tries to build a deeper connection. But as the efforts turn out to be pointless the protagonist tries to get that depth and devotion by destroying the relationship.”

Check it out now.

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