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At ACM, we always strive to offer our students the highest calibre of masterclasses, so we were very pleased to welcome Nick Fraser through our doors at ACM London, for a session in which he shared many of his insider secrets on setting up and looking after guitars.

Nick Fraser works for PRS Guitars as Technical Manager, overseeing a team of four. Between them, they look after the setting up of all PRS guitars.

During the class, Nick shared that he has been working in the business for over 20 years as a guitar tech. He went on to show our students the basic techniques involved in setting up a guitar, focusing on the truss rod, the nut, the action, fretting and some key care issues.

Operating in our learning-by-doing approach, the session ran in a hands-on format with students seeing for themselves how to undertake the difficult task of setting up a guitar correctly.

We strongly believe in the importance of students learning directly from industry professionals, who live and breathe the business every single day. Nick’s class was a great example of the our practical training, ensuring all our students leave with the knowledge they need to build a life-long career in the music industry.

The students left the class clearly excited and inspired to put what they learned to good use in how they set up their own guitars.

“ACM is fantastic, there’s so much life and vitality here it’s quite inspiring. When you’ve been in the business for quite a long time you tend to get a bit jaded… so it’s good to see people being creative in a great atmosphere – it’s very impressive.”
Nick Fraser, PRS Guitars

We’d like to thank Nick for spending the afternoon with us at ACM London!

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