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A purpose built, dedicated bass tuition facility, the Musicman Bass Studio is proudly sponsored by the benchmark in modern bass guitars.

Hanging from the walls are a range of Musicman basses, and ACM is pleased to also welcome their subsidiary brand Ernie Ball as the sole provider of bass and guitar strings to ACM. Ernie Ball have made their mark as an industry standard in performance guitar and bass strings, with a legacy which stretches back to the mid 1940s.

This room boasts a range of bass amplifiers including Ashdown, Aguilar, SWR, Trace Elliot, Laney, Fender and a Marshall bass stack for use in every class, or for rehearsals when the room is not otherwise in use. A Soundcraft mixing desk, full size 88 key Roland stage piano, JBL PA and computer system with projector complete the equipment line up.

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One of the most recognised and acclaimed manufacturers in the world, Musicman has a reputation for excellence which is hard to ignore.
Ernie Ball
With over 50 years experience in providing reliable and tone rich guitar strings and accessories, Ernie Ball is the brand of choice for many of today’s musicians.