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With nearly two decades in the music industry, Ian Wallman’s career has witnessed a wide range of experiences; with a UK top ten hit, major Record and Publishing deals in both the UK and USA, an Ivor Novello nomination for “Best Dance Single” plus countless recording, engineering and writing credits to his name. So when Ian agreed to visit ACM it was clear our students were in for a real treat.

The masterclass took place in ACM’s newest Production and teaching suite the Solid State Logic (SSL) studio focusing on Ian’s experiences of working on a range of remixing projects for Shakira and Beyonce. Ian also spoke about his involvement with the upcoming Olympics.

If that wasn’t enough, Ian then decided to do a little show and tell by producing £10,000 worth of PMC monitoring equipment for the stunned ACM Audio Production students to listen to and compare with ACM’s very own Dynaudio system.

ACM would like to thank Ian for taking time out of his busy schedule and we look forward to welcoming him back to ACM in the very near future.

Follow Ian online by visiting the New Music Strategy website or connect with Ian on Twitter.