Networking for now and for the future

Music Gateway is the online gateway to the music Industry. Students can connect, collaborate and work with music professionals worldwide from across the creative sectors. ACM has it’s own Private Network, a cloud-based platform allowing students to collaborate with fellow students and alumni. Projects and audio files can be uploaded to allow a number of users to work on each project. Singers can find producers to mix their tracks and band members for gigs, and Music Business students can search for artists/bands to manage and develop. You get the idea.

You’re the future of the music industry, so why not work together now?

Students receive an invite to join the Private Network, where they will be able to simply create a free basic account with Music Gateway and this will be automatically linked to our Private Network. ACM Students will also be able to get access to Music Gateway’s Public Marketplace and make use of the 50% discount (Code: ACM50) on a Pro or Business membership upgrade. 

“We’re very proud to continue helping the transition of education to industry by training a large number of undergraduates and taking on a portion of these as postgrads.”

Jon Skinner CEO & Founder of Music Gateway

“I heard about a 3 month internship with Music Gateway through ACM’s opportunity platform, the Private Network. I started interning and then I’m being offered a full time job! Very grateful to ACM for providing students with such great opportunities.”

Emma Francis Network Assistant,
Music Gateway & ACM Alumni