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ACM students have gone on to find success in all kinds of different vocations, and Music Gateway is just one example of where an education in contemporary music can take you. Music Gateway is a service that matches creatives with music professionals, and, unlike most social networking sites, allows people to create and manage their own projects depending on their own needs and expectations. In other words, Music Gateway gives its users a platform to pitch their ideas and find success.

We caught up with Clare Knight (Performance Degree 2010), Jonathan Bond (Business 2013), and Lucas Iliev (Business), alumni who have gone on to work for Music Gateway and asked them about how their time at ACM helped shape and prepare them for a career. Clare Knight graduated with a degree in Music Performance and now works at Music Gateway as Business Development Manager, while Jonathan Bond and Lucas Iliev graduated with degrees in Music Business and now work as Content Manager and Digital Engagement Manager, respectively. While they came from different backgrounds and specialities, they shared the same passion for music that allowed them to find a place with Music Gateway, providing others with the tools to make their dreams a reality.

The service Gateway provides is invaluable to those coming out of education and looking to make a start in music. Getting your foot in the door, no matter what industry, is always going to be a difficult first step to take. Just as ACM helped these alumni carve out careers for themselves, their work at Music Gateway continues and extends this principle of connecting people with the industry and creating working relationships.

With social media being the key phrase of the 21st century, never before has it been as easy to connect with people. However, with so many online and so many profiles, finding the right people for a project can be daunting to say the least. Gateway is not a typical social networking site, as it only enables users to connect via projects.

The alumni credited ACM for the advice and guidance they received from their tutors, but also for connecting them with like-minded individuals. The success they have found with Music Gateway demonstrates how a passion for music can become a career with hard work, commitment and the right attitude.

”Music Gateway’s interest in ACM students is due to the combination of both music and business knowledge that can be expected from Academy graduates.”
Phil Carr Director of Music Gateway

ACM has always been, and continues to be, a haven for individuals looking to turn their passions into careers, and our alumni’s work at Music Gateway demonstrates where an education in contemporary music can take you.

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