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As we go into the New Year, it’s time to think about the next steps for your career path.

If you choose to continue studying at ACM, then you can be confident of increasing your career opportunities in the world of work. While higher qualifications can open more doors to graduates, ACM’s commitment to your musical development means that you will also gain more live performance and recording experiences, which builds both your confidence and your music industry credentials.

The music industry is all about networking. Spending more time at ACM and building up a stronger network of contacts, within the student body and ACM’s Business and Artist Development Centre, can only help with your music industry career aspirations.

If you have completed an ACM Diploma or Higher Diploma course, you are now eligible to apply for an ACM Degree course*, which is validated by Middlesex University. ACM Degree courses are unique in that all Performance, Production and Business degrees are condensed to 2 years, compared to the traditional 3 year degree courses, so you can get a qualification, invaluable industry experience and be in the industry a year earlier than other universities.

Alternatively, ACM’s Higher Diploma course, which is also validated by Middlesex University, offers you the chance to hone your Performance, Production or Music Business skills for just one year of committed study.

“Progression onto a higher education programme not only allows students to continue to develop their skills and knowledge, it also gives them access to classes, tutorials, masterclasses and guest lectures with some of the most experienced professionals currently working – alongside the next generation of music professionals, sat in the seats around them.”
Adam Pain Performance School Manager

Next Steps
If you need help deciding on which course to study next year at ACM, then talk to any of your tutors who will be only too glad to give you some guidance. Alternatively, there will be an information desk in the Rodboro reception available all week, where you can find out about courses available, how to apply and any finance questions you may have.

Early Sign Up Discounts Available
You will have recently received your DISCOUNTED PRIORITY OFFER, which will expire on March 1st so don’t delay your sign up. If you have not yet received a personal email through the student portal or been handed a letter explaining your options and detailing this offer then you should call ACM’s Admissions Team on 01483 500800 or email

* Terms & Conditions:
You are required to pass your current ACM programme within the allocated timescale outlined in the student handbook. You will also need to ensure an acceptable level of achievement in modules relevant to your chosen study path. Your attendance and general attitude to studying at ACM are also taken into account. In all instances, progression is at the discretion of ACM. The fees for the previous year’s course must be paid in full before you can progress onto the new year of study or commence the new course.