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Even before graduating from ACM’s Music Production Higher Diploma course in 2010, Miles Mitchell wasted no time in putting his new found skills into practice.

While still studying at ACM, Miles was hired to produce a track for an album by Skepta. The album entitled ‘Doin it Again’ came out at the beginning of 2011 and featured at Number 19 in the album charts. Miles has also produced tracks for various labels, including Ministry of Sound and Rinse.

Miles also runs his own label called Gobstopper Records who recently released their third EP, which featured at number 7 in the Juno garage charts during December 2011.
Recently Miles has been involved in the launch of a new website in which producers (beatmakers) go head to head in a battle of the beats. Each month the public vote for their favourite tracks and at the end of the month the winning tracks go up for sale. Two months since it’s launch is already generating a growing number of dedicated visitors.