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Metropolis Studios recently offered free downtime (unbooked spare studio recording time) to ACM students and their projects and bands. It’s run on a first-come-first-serve basis from a request form that is submitted to and approved by Industry Link tutors.. As with downtime in the real world and not knowing when the studio will be empty, it’s a last minute affair. Bands will be on standby to be called to record at the drop of a hat when these slots become available. The total advantage is a world-class recording studio and engineer at your disposal for the day, free of charge, with a fantastic experience and introduction into the real industry.

The basic requirement is that you have your material ready and well-rehearsed/planned to record easily and without complications.

ACM@Metropolis student Roberto Manfredi was the first to take advantage of this set-up when he took up the Studio B downtime offer last week and recorded vocals for the day with fellow student Anja Gmuer. In this session he supplied stems to the songs he had already recorded alone to a good standard, and used the time from 11-8pm to cut professional sounding, high-quality vocals.

I popped in on the session to say hi (and to reminisce on time I have spent in there over the years) and to hear and see fantastic vocal performances.

A couple of other students were also sitting in on the session and everyone was having a really productive and exciting day. With Metropolis’s rich history and amazing facilities, it was a great learning experience for all involved.

More acts and artists are now booking to take advantage of this offer, so if you would like to be a part of it too just ask your tutor or pop into Industry Link for details.




About Ace

Ace is the guitarist in UK rock phenomenon Skunk Anansie. Formed in 1994, they went on to be one of the biggest rock bands in Britain and Europe throughout the 90’s until now selling over 6 million records and doing sellout world tours. They still continue to tour and write new music with their own record label.

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