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Getting noticed by the music industry can sometimes feel like a bit of an uphill challenge. One of the simplest yet most effective ways of improving your visibility is through networking. Whether you attend industry events, gigs, seminars or network online, meeting the right people at the right time can be as valuable as what you know about the industry.

ACM is always on the look out for new networking opportunities and tools that can add value to our students and more recently we became aware of the online music network Meet and Jam

Meet-and-jam-logoAbout Meet and Jam
Meet and Jam is a new network of musicians providing a huge amount of benefits to those trying to find others, connect and be discovered in the music world.

You make a profile, list your influences and personal skills (guitar, mixing, etc), post video and audio, and then connect with others. The video means you can have a good look at another musician’s level and style before you contact them.

It’s a great place to get noticed. It doesn’t matter if you’re an engineer, a guitarist, a producer or a vocalist, you have a great chance of being found – not just by other musicians, or by bands looking for new members, but also by the industry.

The benefits of being a Meet and Jam member are:

  • Every student can locate and see each others’ bio, genres, influences, goals / needs, video and audio and contact each other, allowing you to quickly locate collaborative partners within the college.
  • The use of the Band Planner for multiple groups and projects at once, complete with message board. Live dates, on stage / gig times and deadlines can all be shared in a purpose-built online environment.
  • The eventual linking up with musicians at other music schools who join the program.
  • AND of course all the benefits that regular members receive – finding and being found by others, free musician classifieds, Musician Toolkit advice and blog articles on ‘The Wall’ AND studio booking outside of the ACM.

ACM Student Networking Opportunity
Signing up with your ACM email address will attach you to the ACM network making browsing and connecting with others incredibly simple.

To register simply visit the Meet and Jam website and sign up using your ACM email address.

For more information about Meet and Jam visit their website or follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.