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For Matt Harris, combining his love of drum and bass as producer Hyroglifics with ACM’s Music Production degree has allowed him to delve into new realms of music production.

Now in his second year, Matt took time out of his busy production and course schedule to update ACM on current projects and collaborations.

How has studying at ACM influenced your sound and development as an artist?
Since starting at ACM I have found that I have become more open to a lot more career paths especially when it comes to finding what i want to do after i finish my course.

All the teachers at ACM are extremely knowledgeable and have really helped me develop my style. Teachers such as John Gallen have helped improve my knowledge of recording and mixing techniques, and Tim Hart, who helped me consider the impact the acoustic treatment of rooms and the way that it affects the production of your music.

What/who are your influences?
I like to take influences from a lot of different genres of music and am really into unique and fresh sounding music. Some of my biggest influences in D&B come from the artists on Shogun Audio or Critical as I think the music they are making at the moment is incredible.

I love all the music on Ninja Tune as well as all the artists on Brainfeeder. However, I’m generally influenced by anything that stands out or is able to create a strong vibe.

Tell us about who you’ve been working with?
I’ve been working with a lot of different artists, one of whom is Peta Briscoe who studied the ACM higher diploma vocal course last year at ACM and features on the title track of my EP entitled ‘Senseless’. She’s an amazing vocalist/lyricist and have a couple more track with her lined up.

I’ve also been working alongside a couple of labels within drum & bass – Peer Pressure, Regal Records, Protect Audio and E-motion Records. As well as this I am working on a release for my housemate Joey Mccrilley (also studies on the Creative Music Production Degree YR 2) who has recently started his own production company and record label called ‘United Vision’.

I’m also working on a project with Filipo Cimatti, who also studies on the Creative Music Production Degree in the same year as me. We both liked the music each other were making and decided to write a couple songs together.

As well as my main project and this, i’m working on a couple of side projects, one of which is a lot more down-tempo chilled out stuff, and i will hopefully be giving away a free 4 track EP in the next couple of months.

What’s been your proudest moment so far?
I think my proudest moment so far was having my first release supported by London Elektricity on his Hospital Podcast, as he and all the Hospital Records crew have been a massive influence in the drum & bass scene and it was awesome to see them supporting my music up against other incredible artists such as Netsky and Noisia.

So what’s on the horizon for the remainder of 2012 & 2013?
I’ve just had my debut EP released on Peer Pressure, which came out on the 28th August, and i’m doing another EP for them soon. Peer Pressure also have a free EP which is coming out soon to promote the label. As well as this i have another track forthcoming on the collaborations EP with a guy called Wreckless.

I have a tune forthcoming on the Flexout Audio compilation EP, as well as a single on Protect Audio and another release on E-motion Records. More shows and live events as well as the Peer Pressure label party night which i will be playing in December.

Do you have any advice or tips for our current ACM students?
Keep working hard, make use of all the awesome facilities available, and listen to your tutors!

ACM would like to thanks Matt Harris aka Hyroglifics for taking time out to update ACM on his progress and wish him well for his forthcoming projects. For more information about Hyroglifics follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud.