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We agreed with Metropolis Studios this week for an incredible deal on mastering for ACM students. If you’re not quite sure what that is, mastering is the final process in the recording stage that makes your tracks sound like ‘a proper record’. It’s a process of adding EQ, compression, and limiting that makes the finished mix of the track punchier, louder and in the right tonal area to fit in and compete with all of the CDs you buy and the tracks you hear played on the radio.

Great mastering can make a track sound 25% better and really brings out all the nuances and dynamics in the mix. Bad mastering can ruin all the good work done in a recording and make a track sound worse, making the track sound muddy, over-compressed or distorted, thus wasting valuable time and money spent. Without any mastering your track will most probably sound significantly quieter and duller than professional manufactured recordings that we hear and buy.

We all know the feeling when we have completed the final mix that we are happy with and then play it against our favourite CD. That’s the difference good mastering can make.

Now, any ACM student can get their track mastered in Metropolis Studios to the highest professional standard. Metropolis is responsible for creatively treating 50% of the top European hits and is world-renowned for its engineers and facilities. The attended sessions will have to be applied for, and are allocated when engineers become available.

Make your mix shine and be up there with the competition with professional mastering. It’s a must in the commercial and professional world that you are entering!

For more information or to book your mastering contact or drop in and see us for the human touch…


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