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Thursday 5th February – 6.30pm – Rm 14

Peter Eldridge (Vocals) – Brian May, Bruce Dickinson, Phil Hilborne, Geoff Whitehorne, Mick Abrahams.
Kevin Oliver Jones (Bass, Mandolin, Keys) – Ray Davies, Edwin Starr, PJ Proby, The Pasadenas, Jaki Graham.
Jason Beeson (Guitar) – Gerry and the pacemakers.
Toby Drummond (Drums) – Shaun Ryder, The Seahorses, Russell Watson, Ray Davies, Celia Imrie.

This is a Masterclass that will give a unique insight into various technical aspects of the players and history into their life as musicians prior to Zeppelin. We will be performing various tracks from a huge repertoire and getting students up to play with the band. Any students attending the Masterclass will be invited along to our GLive show on Feb 7th and put on our guest list etc.

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