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What makes a good driving tune? This question has become synonymous with compilation albums, discussions around the dinner table and even a Top Gear ‘The Best Driving Song Ever’ countdown.

Keep your eyes on tonight’s (Monday 24th February) BBC 1’s The One Show as presenter Richard Mainwearing, a composer and TV presenter, continues the discussion about ‘what makes a good driving song?’ with ACM Audio Production Tutor Fraser Smith.

Filming of the discussion took place in ACM’s newly refurbished Industry Link department, with Richard and Fraser talking not only about the well known driving tunes from yesteryear, but also the composition of popular music including songs like Daft Punk’s Get Lucky, Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now, The Lumineers’ Ho Hey and Bon Jovi’s Living On A Prayer.

Watch it on BBC iPlayer again.

It was a pleasure for ACM to welcome Richard Mainwearing and the BBC’s The One Show team to ACM and we look forward to continuing the debate about what makes a good driving tune.

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Fraser is a professional producer, mixer and songwriter based in London, who also works in Artist Development and management. As a production tutor at ACM he brings over 20 years of creative and music industry experience, having worked with a wide variety of acts, from rock bands to singer-songwriters, and in specialised areas such as Multimedia and Sound Design. He also teaches Songwriting on the Artist Development course.

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