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New York-based Lightning Boy Audio has developed and produced vacuum tube products that ‘push the boundaries of modern performance’ from the start. From their beginnings with FX pedals like the iconic Soul Drive, to current outboard gear including the Trinity Channel Strip, LBA has been consistent with releases to look forward to.

Dual 12AU7 tube-powered compression.

With the release of their Op-2 Comp tube compressor pedal, LBA promises to deliver studio-quality compression in a stomp box format. Based on the design of their previous optical compressor pedal, the Op-2 produces better S/N ratio, cleaner frequency response across the entire spectrum (applicable for bass guitar), a pair of new-old-stock 12AU7 tubes, and more.

While the compressor pedal is entirely tube-powered, it does suck up a lot of power so as tempting as the 9v compatibility may be, a power supply may be in best interest.

Pick up the Lightning Boy Op-2 Comp tube compressor pedal now for $399.99 MSRP.