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Thomas Shrimpton, 26, is a Drums student in his final year at ACM Guildford.

You’ll usually find him rocking the throne behind math-core trio Let’s Swim, Get Swimming.

Hey Tom! How long have you been at ACM?

I’ve been at ACM studying for the last year and a half with another five months to go doing my drums degree.

What are the best bits about ACM, for you?

My best bits at ACM? It’s got to be meeting my boys in Let’s Swim, Get Swimming. For sure, that’s the biggest highlight for me. I’ve been waiting to meet these kinds of players for years, so I have ACM to thank for that.

Talk to us about your band name, ‘Let’s Swim, Get Swimming’.

Yeah, so I’m the drummer for the instrumental trio ‘Let’s Swim, Get Swimming’ We all met at a Math Rock fest called Arc Tangent in Summer and when we got back at ACM, decided to have a jam. The ball was rolling straight away and within two months, we were in the studio recording our debut record, ‘Islands’. Then came the debut music video for ‘Hair Manny’.

We’ve already been in the studio working on our next two releases, but that’s a secret.

Like I said we met at that fest and hit it off straight away and came back to ACM, and you can get our record on iTunes and Spotify etcphy. We’ve got a radical show coming up on Friday with Totorro at the Boileroom! Then it’s onto tour in May starting in Darwen with The Physics House Band! Like I said also we have 2 new releases which you’ll all get to hear real soon!

You’re working with Kieron Pepper, head of Artist Development at ACM; what are you guys working on at the moment?

I bumped into Kieron and said ‘Do you wanna hear a rad math rock band’ he said “yeah” and he came to a rehearsal. It was good fun and he threw a few ideas into the mix we were already thinking of doing but it was good clarification to hear it from him. I can’t really speak about what he’s trying to work with us in the future as it’s mainly just help and we already have an incredible manager called Tyler Hodges, who really is the fourth member on LSGS.

Plans for 2017?

Jeeez, we’re just taking it as it comes. We have that tour in May and the two releases coming up. We’ve been discussing an album for a late 2017 release but that will remain an idea until you know about it, haha. We’re just looking to get on the road as much as possible at the moment!

So, turning the spotlight onto you for a minute: favourite drummer?

My favourite drummer is a bit of a mix. I have two favourite drummers who are James Trood (Colour, Tangled Hair) who has been a huge inspiration and great friend for years now, I have a lot to thank him for. Another dude is Craig Reynolds (Stray From A Path), Drum Genius. All time has always been Keith Moon!

Favourite warm up?

If I get into a rehearsal space earlier than the other guys, I’ll try and practise Brocolisimo by Totorro because there is a mad polyrhythm in there that I just can’t get my head around! Haha.

Best gig ever?

That is a real tough one! There are like 3 which are mad for. Playing Download in 2009, Metal Hammer Awards 2011 and Comicon. All those shows were insane and a massive pleasure to be a part of!


I’m endorsed with Zildjian cymbals, but I actually love using their 5b’s. They just sit perfectly in my hand and I love working with them.

Live or Studio?

I love both. There are big bonuses to each. Live, you can never replace that feeling!! Studio, you have a product you can listen to over and over again. If I had to choose, I’d say live, I think.. haha! I don’t know, probably live?!

Last track you listened to?

Last tune I was listening to was So Many Dynamos – Search Party. Such an old record, but I was showing them to LSGS guitarist (Will) and my love for them rekindled; so, them.

In a perfect world?

Jeeeez, these are some hard questions! I don’t know, mainly just doing what I love and hopefully making a living from it. I’ve always said I don’t mind too much what I end up doing, just as close to drums as I can possibly be. Perfect world, Math Rock becomes the next big thing and we own it, haha!

Where can we come see you play next?

Like I said, this Friday, Let’s Swim, Get Swimming are playing with Totorro at the Boileroom which is going to be insane!! Then it’s off on tour for a northern run from 7th May-14th so try and catch us there somewhere!

Amazing, thank you for your time, Thomas. Back to it!

Keep up to date with Let’s Swim, Get Swimming here.

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