29 Feb 2012

Laurence Cottle

Bass students from ACM’s Music Performance School, were treated to a special masterclass by the diverse and ever so cool Laurence Cottle.

Laurence has played bass for a plethora of international musicians including Black Sabbath, Eric Clapton, Brian Eno, James Galway, Nina Hagen, Hanson, Tom Jones and Seal. He also has been known to be a member of Procol Harum.

During the two-hour masterclass, Laurence spoke about his experiences on the live music scene as well as passing on a range of advanced bass techniques. In between his intimate performances, Laurence also took time to answer a variety of questions from ACM students.

ACM would like to thank Laurence for the time he spent with our students and hope that he enjoyed his time talking all things bass.

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