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ACM@Metropolis student Katy Hurt has released single ‘Part Time Girlfriend’ which soared to #2 in the iTunes Country charts just two days after release on the 23rd November 2015!

Katy ‘swiftly’ took over Taylor’s We’re Never Getting Back Together in the charts just one day after the release as it took the chart by storm. The track has the Academy featured  throughout, with ACM@Metropolis alumnus Barry Clogher (acoustic guitar), alumnus and current Technical Facilities Coordinator Sandro Giacometti (bass, keys, producer & mixing engineer) – this song clearly showcases the talent on offer at the Academy.

“The end-to-end songwriting process is very long. Writing; rehearsing; recording; mastering; releasing. In this case it was followed by an intense and unbelievable 48 hours as we watched the single progress up the UK chart. Number 75, number 43, then 28, 17, 4, 3, 2. Overhauling Dolly Parton at the top of the Country chart would have felt like an imposition. She must have experienced this hundreds of times! Seeing my name on the chart among some of my greatest idols made all the hard work and long days feel so worthwhile. I walked into class on Friday to the applause of my classmates. I cannot put into words how proud I felt. The realisation of almost 5 years work. It was like Christmas, my Birthday and the CMAs all-at-once! I am so grateful for all the support the team at ACM have given me throughout. I have learnt so much about so many aspects of music and I have them, along with so many others, to thank.”
Katy Hurt, Contemporary Songwriting & Artist Development at ACM@Metropolis

You can keep up to date with everything Katy is up to via her Website. Also, purchase Part Time Girlfriend on iTunes now!