The Kamille Purcell Scholarship rewards one Creative Artistry or Rap student at ACM, paying for their entire tuition fees for the duration of their study..

The Kamille Purcell Scholarship, endorsed by Kamille Purcelle, rewards excellence in Artistry (by songwriters or rappers) on Degree programmes at ACM London or ACM Guildford, paying for their entire tuition fees for the duration of their study.

For your application you will firstly need to submit a video of you performing one of your original tracks. Alongside this you will put together a three minute video explaining; why you have chosen this specific course, what this scholarship would mean to you, the writing process of your chosen track and what techniques have been implemented.

The track provided must be original.

We will not accept any collaborative work as we want to see what they can do. This does not include outsourcing musicians within a performing capacity.

Application process

How To Apply:

  1. For this, you must be a 2021 Degree entrant to a Creative Artistry or Rap MC course at either ACM Guildford, London or Birmingham (this means locked in firm on UCAS and your ACM contract sent back!). If you’re not currently a student at ACM, fear not, simply follow the instructions on our Apply page to get your ACM journey started. Applicants to the relevant ‘Level 0’ / Foundation Year precursors at ACM Guildford will also be accepted.
  2. Send an email to with the subject line “ Kamille Purcell Scholarship Submission from Your Name”. Make sure the email contains a link to a video that captures your very best capabilities.

Video Tips:

  • Be sure to introduce yourself – we want to know who you are!
  • Explain to us all about your history and what your ambitions are.
  • Tell us what winning the Scholarship would mean to you.
  • Keep in mind we are only able to consider one track per applicant so choose a track that shows off your greatest skills. Please do not send us collaborative work, we want to see what you can do. However, we will accept other performers participating on your track, such as in the form of a backing band.
  • Don’t worry about the quality of your video production, (this is a film to capture your capabilities in performance and artistry, not film!). Nevertheless, we do welcome videos that demonstrate the best of all your creative skills, so don’t hold back. Show us your most creative concept, alongside your greatest track and a truly inspiring performance.  
  • Entries must be received by 31/07/2021.

After your email submission, entries will be shortlisted by a panel of ACM judges, before being reviewed by the specific scholarship panel, when the winner will be announced.

From all of us at ACM we wish you the very best of luck!