30 Oct 2019

Data Officer

Job title: Data Officer
Location: ACM Guildford
Department: Registry
Closing date: Sunday 17 November, 2019
Salary range: £25,000 - £30,000


ACM is an exciting, innovative and dynamic Music Institution seeking to recruit a data and process oriented colleague. The role will help to link up our systems with Student Finance and ensure accurate Student Finance information and will require considerable confidence with Google Sheets and/or Excel spreadsheets. Ideally the postholder will either have experience of Student Finance, or experience working within HE, and have experience of developing good working relationships with internal and external departments. You will also need to be able to work in a transparent manner, working through resolving customer queries and following through on tasks across all relevant systems and stakeholders in a timely fashion.

The Data Officer’s primary duties will be to support ACM co-ordinating Student Finance information across all courses and handling the related Student and Staff queries, linking internal ACM data to the Student Loan Company records (SLC), and ensuring ACM systems reflect accurate information on financial support. The postholder will handle staff and student queries, analysing Student FInance uptake. The post holder will ensure ongoing data compliance with producing reports and management information to inform ACM senior management, external education partners such as our validating institutions and the SLC. The successful candidate will ensure the completeness and accuracy of the student record. The successful candidate will also be an integral part of the data team and working on other areas of the team’s workload, depending on the priority and need.


Key AreaPerformance Indicators
Management of the Student Finance


●     Creating, maintaining and updating student finance records for all ACM students.

●      Providing technical support and advice on Student Finance activities for all sites.

●     To maintain and update individual student Funding Accounts in an accurate and timely manner following student record changes such as enrolment,  interruptions, withdrawals and transfers.

●      Carrying out bulk and/or targeted data imports/transformations accurately, exerting judgement as to their appropriateness and likely repercussions.

●      To deal with student finance queries and requests

●    Working to create ACM bursaries annually based on target groups and allocate the funding to the relevant students.

●    Ensuring ACM’s website is accurate and reflects the latest student finance information

Produce Data Analytics and management reporting●      Creating analysis of Student Finance uptake to highlight any efficiencies or forecasting

●     To coordinate the production, results collation and analysis of ACM’s attendance monitoring information including attendance rates by each site, programme and module

●      To assist in the development of management information dashboards to monitor institutional performance.

●    Maintaining and expanding the course and student finance information stored in the SRS.

Communication●      Maintain professional and productive relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

●     Aiding and running the targeting of communications to particular subgroups of students.

●      To handle personal data with care and discretion, showing full awareness of relevant GDPR legislation and ACM’s responsibilities.

●    To coordinate the accurate input and calculation of data

●    To assist the Registrar in providing advice and training to colleagues on Student Finance.

●    To understand ACM’s mission, aim and values and ensure that all communication to staff and students and everyday working practice reflects this.




  • An undergraduate qualification or relevant professional qualification or continuous training and development in information/data management.
  • Strong IT skills and ability
  • Excellent organisational skills, ability to prioritise and manage administrative processes and to undertake specific tasks to tight timelines
  • Advanced user of spreadsheets (Google Sheets and/or Microsoft Excel).
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills and interpersonal skills.
  • Previous experience of working within an educational environment
  • An eye for detail and work with a high degree of accuracy
  • Collaborative team player, working in a transparent manner so that where necessary colleagues can pick up on your work
  • Comfortable in a fast-paced environment and adaptable to change and work under pressure


  • Previous experience of working with the Student Loans Company portal
  • Previous experience of administering databases
  • Previous experience of synchronising or connecting systems to enable accurate, streamlined operations.
  • Previous experience of completing Higher Education statutory data returns

This job description reflects the core activities of the post and potential additional activities depending on experience. As the Department and the post-holder develop, there will inevitably be some changes to the duties for which the post is responsible, and possibly to the emphasis of the post itself. ACM expects that the post-holder will recognise this and will adopt a flexible approach to work. This could include undertaking relevant training where necessary. Should significant changes to the job purpose become necessary, the post-holder will be consulted and the changes reflected in a revised job purpose.

To apply for this role please download the application form below and send to recruit@acm.ac.uk

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