jayana you wont tame me

ACM London student Jayana releases new single ‘You Won’t Tame Me’

14 Sep 2017

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Jayana has released her debut single ‘You Won’t Tame Me’ on Spotify and iTunes.

Jayana Akar is a 20-year old singer-songwriter, currently in her second year of the Commercial Songwriting Degree at ACM London. She is incredibly proactive, constantly seeking out all kinds of opportunities outside of her curriculum, which is a key part of our ‘learning-by-doing’ ethos here at ACM, so we’re very excited to see her successfully launch her first single this month.

You can stream the brilliant ‘You Won’t Tame Me’ through Spotify below.

We have already seen through her work with the Shoreditch Boxpark Takeover, and as a Live Engineer for Acoustic Live UK, that Jayana is a person of many talents, so we can’t wait to see where her career takes her next.

For another look at what Jayana has been up to recently, check out her spot in this short documentary from Deezer, below.

Connect with Jayana on iTunes, Spotify, Facebook, or Twitter.

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