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Having grown up in Cornwall, ACM Music Business Degree Alumnus (2013) Jason Ratcliffe started ACM at the age of 16 joining the ACM Guitar Diploma.

However, it was a business initiative that gained the backing of the local council (and a six figure turnover estimate by Rockstar) that really kickstarted Jason’s interest and eventual enrolment and completion of the ACM Music Business Cert HE (Music, Media and Rights) and Music Business Degree.

It was during this time that Jason learnt the value of forging relationships within the music industry and his eventual development of the Visionary Music School to provide music industry business education in the South West. ACM caught up with Jason to talk about his journey and development since graduating from ACM.

What motivated you to come and study at ACM?
My main focus was to develop a career within music, so when I heard about ACM I saw an opportunity to build industry connections and learn directly from the music industry and its
professionals. It was a simple decision really.

What was the best part about studying at ACM?
The best part about being at ACM was having the freedom to try new things – for example building my first official company – within an environment that allowed me to make mistakes and adapt as I learnt new strategies.

ACM’s connections within the music industry have also really helped develop my business acumen especially through the masterclass and guest lecturer sessions – these gave me the opportunity to learn from the best.

Tell us about what you’ve been up to since leaving ACM?
After graduating from ACM I moved back to Cornwall where I began developing and building
Visionary Music School – an institute dedicated to developing young music professionals through music courses. In addition, I have been building relationships with music industry companies, gaining new music industry professionals as tutors and developing the courses themselves.

Who have you been working with?
Since I began setting up Visionary Music School, I have had the great pleasure of working with
and building relationships with Mark Bounds from ACM’s Industry Link Team, PRS For Music, Atlantic Records, Peer Music, Fierce Panda Records, Music Week, BBC Introducing and many more.

What’s been your proudest moment/career highlights so far?
I would say that working with G Live (commercial venue in Guildford) alongside an event management team called Young Producers where I was involved with in developing and building an interactive theatre event for Halloween.

Getting feedback from PRS and M Magazine about my new book for young aspiring professionals “Succeeding in Music; The Modern Industry” has been another highlight and is helping me building my credentials within the industry.

So what’s on the horizon for 2013?
I aim to have Visionary Music School fully established within the South West and will be
focusing on bringing together its music scene.

Do you have any advice or tips for our current ACM students
The best thing I can say to current students is never miss or overlook an opportunity – even if it may not be doing something you would have thought about doing. The more areas you explore, the more you then can bring into whatever you decide to do in the future. And always have fun!

ACM would like to thank Music Business Alumnus Jason Ratcliffe for updating us on his progress and we wish him well with his current and forthcoming projects.

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