06 Jul 2012

Jamie Abbott – A Rising Singer / Songwriter

Like many singer/songwriters Jamie Abbott is not an imposing character. His demeanor, too, is understated and instead Jamie prefers to let his lyrics and music composition do the talking, which is exactly what ‘Light Love’, Jamie’s debut EP does.

As well as some notable collaborations from a selection of songwriters who have career credits that include James Morrison, Robbie Williams and Elton John, Jamie has also worked alongside Sting’s Grammy and Emmy Award winning producer, Kipper.

A graduate of ACM’s Drum Diploma course (2005), Jamie writes songs that tell stories by combining poignant lyricism and beautiful melodies, just like his key musical influencers; Paul Simon, David Gray and James Taylor.

“The songs come from my subconscious. I’m constantly playing with sound, painting a musical picture to suit my mood. Certain songs by my favourite artists can really encapsulate how I feel at any point in time. My ambition is to write music that resonates with people in that way, that’s what connecting with the audience means to me.”
Jamie Abbott ACM Alumni

Read the original article by Nick Barnes on imediamonkey.

Jamie is currently touring the UK to promote his Light Love, while his EP is also available to download now via iTunes. For more information about Jamie Abbott follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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