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In May 2017, session drummer James Trood stopped by ACM Guildford for a Masterclass on the use of Ableton and sample pads as a drummer.

James Trood / ACM masterclass / 33HZ / Guildford / Shot by Rob BlackhamFor the last 15 years James Trood has been working as a session musician, and has spent the last seven drumming with hip-hop artist AlunaGeorge. He started out, like many other musicians, playing in small venues and on pub circuits around the UK. From there he developed his knowledge and skills with electronics, which landed him work with artists in need of more than just an acoustic drummer.

In his masterclass, James spoke in great detail about his career, and the importance of electronics in drumming. He demonstrated various ways of using sample pads and Ableton, as well as backing tracks, which he described as “so important” because of the amount of artists using them these days.

“Aluna’s great. I love it actually. Last year I played my first ever arena tour, which was really something special. I love working with those guys because… I have a real passion for playing that sort of music.”
James Trood

We’d like to thank James for taking the time out of his busy schedule to visit us at ACM Guildford!

James Trood / ACM masterclass / 33HZ / Guildford / Shot by Rob Blackham

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