15 Apr 2016

James Blake’s New Jam “Timeless” Is The Soundtrack To Your Existential Crisis

 via Wikimedia

If there’s one artist that can make us remember how we’re a tiny mortal blip within an infinite, timeless universe, destined to just disappear one day like a bubble in a warm flat pint, then it’s your boy James Blake, and his lush, solo, sonic, sad man soundscapes.

Last night, Blake was on BBC Radio 1 premiering a new track called “Timeless”, which is a low-key but mind-bending creation stuffed with delicate synth lines and skeletal beats. “You slide out then you slide in with graceful shadow,” he sings, his voice buried in a shallow grave of electronics.

The track is the second taster (following “Modern Soul”) from his upcoming third album Radio Silence, which he revealed is finally finished, although he’s yet to announce a release date. “People have been asking if I’m going to record a record, so I did one,” Blake told the BBC radio host. “It turned out great – quite long, but I’m really happy with it… It’s 18 tracks long. One of the tracks is 20 minutes long, as well.”

In the meantime, listen to “Timeless” below: 

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