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For the past few weeks we have been running new Industry Link panel sessions at the Star Inn in Guildford town centre. Students have been signing up to perform live or to play their demos for a panel made up of tutors and special guests from the industry.

The event is open to all students and has been a great way for aspiring musicians to get solid advice on all areas of their craft, with specialist advice from the core professional areas of the panellists. It’s also a great way for some of the students to blast out their tracks over a big PA to see if the mix works, as well as to feel how their music sounds in an environment in which it would be professionally hosted.

We’ve encountered some very embryonic projects, where a lot of constructive advice was given on the path to achieving a more desired and professional outcome and product, as well as some artists that were so well developed that we talked about the next steps of marketing and record deals.

We were very lucky to have Mirelle Davis of Windup PR as a special panel guest a couple of weeks ago. She’s worked with a veritable who’s who of music on many successful international press campaigns such as Garbage and Skunk Anansie to name a couple. She helped students out with advice on press packs, radio requirements and image. It was great to have someone of that calibre and authority to visit and share her knowledge with us. She was very impressed with the overall quality of ACM artists and the receptiveness of students, and enjoyed her time here. Other tutors have included Jono, Ewan, Joe Yoshida, Ant Greaves and my good self, all chatting in our areas to help give direction to students and bands. I personally really enjoy these panels and I know the other tutors do too.

The panels run at The Star from 1:30-4pm every Thursday for half an hour per session. The first 10 minutes is for students to play songs – live or demos, which is then followed by 20 minutes of advice from the panellists. Slots can be booked via the MyACM app Extras. Please see the poster below for details.

More special guests are being booked for the sessions, and I think they are a great way to get personal and professional advice on your music as well as notes on where to go forward in all areas of the business.

Get booking, get down there, get going!


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