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Iain joined the Cert HE Guitar course in September 2012. He came from a school for deaf students and so was accustomed to specialist support. His hearing loss is profound in the left ear and moderate in the right: he wears hearing aids and relies heavily on lip reading and visual cues.

Iain is now completing the first year of his degree. He has become much more independent and this will be encouraged while full support will continue to be available.

I really think without their support and advice I wouldn’t be enjoying it much and I would really struggle. I really enjoyed one to one sessions with Abi who also takes notes for me in lessons, I learn a lot faster and understand quickly. They also give me the confidence to stay at ACM as it’s very new for me as I was previously taught at a boarding school for the deaf. Without them I probably wouldn’t carry on or be excited to stay on at ACM and learn more.
Iain Botting