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We spoke with ACM’s Group Lead on Student Experience, Cornelia Okello, from our award-winning Student Services team, to learn about her tips for overcoming stress during the exam period.

What is Exam Stress?

Working towards exams can sometimes amplify feelings of dread, worry and panic. The pressure of wanting to do well can feel quite overwhelming and impact your mental health. Remember it is normal to feel a bit of pressure during assessment periods and there are steps you can take to help.

What are some well-being Tips for Dealing with Exam Pressure?

Get Organised

When you have lots of upcoming deadlines for your course modules it can be easy to start feeling overwhelmed! It can become hard to stay on top of all of the moving parts and thing you need to complete. The best way to manage that overwhelm is to organise your time with a clear schedule and “To Do” chart.

If you need help getting started with an organisation chart, check out this one created by our Wellbeing Coach, Kate Wilkinson available HERE.

Take Breaks

Deadlines can make us feel like there is no time to stop and many a student over the years has been known to pull an all-nighter to finish on time. HOWEVER, taking short breaks frequently helps you to be more effective in your work. Breaks lower stress levels and help you return to your work with better focus. Be sure to build breaks into your work schedule.

Positive Affirmations.

Staying positive and speaking positively about yourself, your ability and what you’ve managed to achieve so far is a great way to put assessments into perspective.

Find and write out positive affirmation. Stick positive affirmations on your wall, on your mirror, on your phone background. Listen to them when you wake up! The more you read, hear and say them, the more your mind will believe that you are capable. You can do hard things! You’ve got this!

What resources are available to ACM students to help deal with mental health issues and Exam Stress?

student-support is a free resource available to all ACM students and staff for mental health support 24/7. Create your account and login using your ACM email address. Togetherall has tons of useful community forums, courses and resources.

In particular you may be interested in the below short courses:

–        Managing Stress & Worry

–        Managing Panic

–        Stop Procrastinating

Student Space is another great service supporting students’ mental health. You can get in touch with trained volunteers 24hrs via text or email and between 4pm – 11pm by phone or webchat. Head to for more information.

Also, check out this article from Student Minds which has more useful tips on how you can win during assessment season!

How can students get in touch with student services?

Student Relations Officers are available on each campus. If you’d like to speak with someone in person, head to Sue in Guildford, Tecola in Birmingham and Fahmida in London.

You can also call through to your student hub or send an email to and a member of the student services team will get back to you.    

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