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The Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) was incredibly excited to welcome back Harry Shotta to Guildford for the Odeon Masterclasses on Friday 29th November.

What instantly strikes you about Harry Shotta is his absolute passion for the underground music scene. His knowledge of trends and movements within Drum & Bass, Hip-Hop and Grime is second to none, not to mention his versatility when MC’ing over each individual genre. Part of Shotta’s ability to keep on top of future trends, and to be at the forefront of his industry, is the way he treats social media. By engaging with his core fan base, and closely monitoring local scenes, Shotta is instantly able to be a part of the movements that will give him the maximum exposure.

“Really enjoyed today. Big up everyone at the Academy of Contemporary Music!”
Harry Shotta

Other than Harry Shotta’s spectacular free styling, it’s impressive that Shotta has not been swayed to sign to a major record label. The benefits of remaining an independent artist heavily rule in his favour, especially having complete creative control. Utilising social media Shotta can trial his releases with his core fan base – his personal digital focus group if you will. The relationships he has built online, along with the plethora of artists he has befriended and networked with, has facilitated his independent status – he’s know as the ‘Universal Soldier’ for a reason!

About Harry Shotta

Following his rapid rise in the Drum and Bass scene, and having won three awards including ‘Best Lyrical MC’ at the National Drum n Bass Awards, Harry Shotta is now one of the most booked MCs in the UK and overseas.

Constantly pushing his mic skills, Harry Shotta has won tremendous respect for his talent and desire to push MC’ing boundaries. He has hit a massive audience with regular appearances on Radio 1, 1xtra and Kiss, and cutting edge Internet music channels such as SBTV. He also recently delivered the first ever Drum N Bass Fire In The Booth on Charlie Sloth’s Radio One Rap Show. Harry continues to have a massive impact and influence in the Urban scene.

For more information about Harry Shotta, visit his website or follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

ACM would like to thank Harry Shotta for taking the time out of his incredibly busy schedule to share his experiences of the international music industry.