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Hailing from Portsmouth, Hall of Mirrors is an up and coming band fronted by ACM Alumni Jessica Winter alongside bandmates Scott Rimington (guitar), Teddy Purvay (bass), Steve Duffy (drums), Andrew Sleightholme (strings) and Vikki Collier (backing vocals).

“South London’s best-kept secret.”
Phil Istine Shindig Magazine

Although they tick no boxes and pander to none of the demands of the marketplace, Hall of Mirrors have a sound that makes you sit up and take note. This is especially true when you listen to Winter, whos lyrics of tragic angst are softened by the sugar coating of her glucise rich vocals.

Hall of Mirrors latest EP titled ‘The Love Child’ is about an adult who still remembers being abandoned as a child, which is delivered in a cute, but cutting manor thanks to Winter’s more restrained, quietly desolate nature of delivery.

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To find out more about Hall of Mirrors visit their website or connect with them via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Soundcloud.