02 Apr 2012

Guthrie Govan

ACM were pleased to welcome back renowned guitarist Guthrie Govan, who delivered TWO stunning guitar masterclass sessions on Friday 30th March.

Known for his incredible guitar shredding and unique playing style, Govan has been building his deserved reputation as one of the world’s leading guitar talents.

Throughout the two masterclass sessions, Guthrie dazzled ACM students with his guitar skills and gave students the opportunity to ask questions and find out how they could improve their technique and skills.

In the run up to the masterclasses ACM also ran a very special competition via Facebook to give ACM Alumni the chance to sit in on the masterclasses and meet the legend himself.

To enter, Alumni were asked to complete the sentence, “I deserve a ticket because…” and post their response to ACM’s Facebook page – here’s a selection of some of the responses:

“I deserve a ticket because I love Guthrie Govan and he’s super awesome and i’m super excited and i really wanna go and i’m flying aaaaaaaaall the way over from ireland and mostly i just really wanna go… :)”

“I deserve a ticket because this month marks 10 years since I had my first and only lesson with Mr Govan (true story). I still can’t play that 8 finger tapping lick he showed me so i really need another one.”

ACM would like to thank Guthrie Govan for taking time out of his busy schedule to visit as well as thanking ACM’s Alumni for being such good sports. We hope all the students who attended the masterclasses and met Guthrie had a great time. We also hope to see Guthrie again very soon.

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