11 Feb 2013

Guitarist Chris Eaton to Visit ACM

ACM are pleased to confirm that guitarist Chris Eaton will be visiting ACM to deliver a guitar masterclass on Tuesday 19th February in Room 14 from 12noon – 2pm.

Chris is an experienced session guitarist and has toured the UK, Holland and France, playing at some of London’s leading venues, such as Brixton Academy and The Astoria.

He has opened shows for the likes of Bryan Adams, Seasick Steve, Peter Green, Sonny Landreth, Buddy Guy and The Yardbirds, played at numerous recording sessions and is currently touring with singer/songwriter Ian Parker.

In previous visits Chris has demonstrated the art of slide guitar as well as showcasing the craftsmanship of Diamond Bottlenecks glass guitar slides.

“It’s great to have someone who is a true and authentic slide player come into the school and share some of his specialist knowledge with the students. Chris’ playing is fantastic and he’s very engaging and articulate when relaying the finer points of this style of guitar playing to a class.”
Pete Friesen Fellow of ACM

Tickets for Chris Eaton’s Guitar Masterclass are strictly limited and available from Student Relations.

For more information about Chris Eaton visit his website or follow Chris on Twitter and Facebook.

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