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ACM were pleased to welcome Robert van der Linde of Cadillac Guitars. Rob delivered a workshop on guitar and bass maintenance, including setups, preamps, pickups, and hardware. Rob will also explain overall guitar construction and the various woods used to get different sounds.

About Robert van der Linde and Cadillac Guitars
Robert van der Linde hails from Durban, South Africa where he worked as a luthier. Now plieing his trade in Farnborough, Robert has been involved in the guitar business for a very long time originally working as a guitarist and singer in the mid-70’s before opening a music instrument distribution business in Durban in 1981. This business represented companies such as Washburn, GHS, Seymour Duncan & Double Eagle (the original quality guitar parts) and where every guitar was set up before dispatch to the music shops.

Over the past 33 years Robert has honed his guitar set up and repair skills to an art form. To ensure that the scientific aspect of the above was not ignored, and in anticipation of a life working on guitars, Robert also obtained a degree in chemistry (with maths and physics).

Thousands of guitars have graced his workbenches over the years and whether your guitar is as old as your dad or brand new, there is no doubt that a set up will do it (and you) a world of good. No more bleeding fingers; instead a silky smooth feeling as your fingers glide up and down the neck. A perfect action and a beautiful tone make your guitar so much nicer to play!

For more information about Cadillac Guitars and Robert van der Linde, visit his website.