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Here at ACM, we pride ourselves on offering an unparalleled music industry education, where learning-by-doing is at the centre of our approach.

Masterclasses with musicians at the forefront of the industry are a vital part of education at ACM, so we were elated to recently welcome drummer George Cook to our Guildford campus for a unique workshop.

After a brief introduction to his career as a session drummer for the likes of Eminem and Birdy, George got straight to business and began his masterclass covering percussion, drum tuning, working with a producer, session work and drum layering.

Opening his ‘Pandora’s box’ of drum gear, George showed the students how percussion can really alter the sound of a drum kit. He emphasised how good gear doesn’t always have to be expensive by showing them a unique snare sound achieved by putting a £5 cymbal found in a charity shop on the skin. Keeping the students engaged throughout, George encouraged them to get up on stage and try the gear for themselves.

George’s top tips for being a session drummer:

  • Be an easy-going person
  • Study the instrument in depth
  • Be faithful to the music
  • Don’t be late, and present yourself well

During the session George spoke in detail about tuning a drum-kit, and how you can work effectively with a producer to achieve your desired sound.

It was a fast-paced masterclass with plenty of energy and the students clearly took a lot away from it. Staying back late to answer all questions, George spoke about his first impressions of ACM:

“It’s awesome, the facilities are fantastic. I have to say the whole studio facility thing – that kind of blew me away a little bit, I’ve never seen that before, I haven’t really been to many colleges but I’ve never seen that and I was really impressed. The fact that they can record a drum-kit at a really high level is really gonna help them. I say drums but guitar, bass – you know anything, it’s really gonna help them when they go out into the industry and do it for real.”
George Cook

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