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ACM Freshers Week 2012 had to have a rock night, so the BDC teamed up with ACM Alumni promoters Genrebomb on their first birthday. The music was loud, the vibe was merry and MassMatiks, Trails and the relatively new Swim Good rocked our socks off!

Nothing like a bit of loud music to brush away the cobwebs after the summer break. Trails, MassMatiks and Swim Good were awesome. They definitely made a load of new fans last night!
Suzi Ireland BDC Industry Liaison

ACM would like to thank everyone who was involved with ACM’s third night of Freshers Week ‘GenreBomb’ including bands Trails, Massmatiks, Swim Good and to everyone who came along.

Roll on day four of ACM Freshers Week 2012 with the ACM Tutor Night!

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