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Every month this term Ewan Grant and Nic Rowley sat down with a group of students to analyse their material to give feedback and advice. Students were be picked to perform at a Songwriters Circle once every few months in front of an industry panel and one artist was awarded studio time at Metropolis Studios.

After many submissions over the term, Ewan and Nic selected their top 12 artists/bands and track to put forward to an extended panel which included Luke Smith (Artist Management at Metropolis) and Sean Devine (Vice President at ASCAP).

The final twelve were:

  • Sam Dawson
  • Wesley Bennett
  • Ginnie Breakwell (Motif)
  • Lauren Metcalf
  • Andrew Humphries
  • Rhys Wilson
  • Csongor Debreczy (Missmaze)
  • Jordan Lees
  • Emma O’Gorman
  • Ben Stelly
  • Natalie Cassidy (Belladonnas)
  • Harvey Jones (Owren)

And are all highly commended for there submissions and getting into the final stage.

“With so much talent on offer, it was really difficult to whittle the list down to 12 finalists. All finalists should be extremely proud of their achievement. The standard was extremely high and we, the panel, found it really hard to pick an outright winner. Industry Link will be working closely with all finalists in the coming months to help develop them in all areas, but most importantly – songwriting.”
Ewan Grant Head Of The Business School and Industry Link

ACM are pleased to announce that the winners of the Songwriting Circle final (and their prizes), are as follows:

  • Lauren Metcalf – Shure voucher and time in the Metropolis Writing Room
  • Ginnie Breakwell (Motif) – Recording time in Studio A at Metropolis
  • Ben Stelly – Mastering at Metropolis
  • Andrew Humphries – Time in the Metropolis Writing Room

The rest of the finalists: we will be monitoring you and will be putting you forward for future opportunities at Metropolis! Thanks to all of you who took part – keep your eyes peeled for the next bout!

Lucky winners! Please contact, or pop in to claim your prize and arrange the next steps.