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On 11th January, ACM welcomed producer Chris Sheldon (think Feeder, Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro) to speak in the first Odeon Session of 2016.

Chris gave advice to students about record production drawing on his own experience of the industry. The session also included a performance from ACM band Switch.

“I’m down here today to talk about record production, how to go about making a record, how to go about recording, steps in recording, what to expect, that sort of thing really – early stages of a recording career.”

“I think it’s great (ACM), when I first started off hundreds of years ago (laughs) there was nothing like this, so I think these things are only a good thing and it’s really great – it encourages musicians, it helps young people and it helps people get a career path in music and record production.”
Chris Sheldon

For more information on Chris’s work, please visit his website.

ACM band Switch did a great job performing. You can keep up to date with everything the band is up to via their Facebook, Twitter & SoundCloud pages.