Student Charter

ACM is committed to supporting students as they work towards • fulfilling their academic and personal potential. We form a community and microcosm of the creative industries to facilitate
learning, within a culture based on mutual respect in which individual rights, responsibilities and diversity are respected and celebrated. The charter is a document for staff and students to reference, it does not constitute a legally binding contract, but gives an overview of how we work together to create a unique and effective environment to learning.

At all times you can expect that ACM will:

  • Ensure its employees treat students and colleagues with respect and dignity, acknowledging individual needs.
  • Support students to engage with ACM and wider creative industry.

All students should:

  • Treat staff and your fellow students with respect and dignity, acknowledging individual needs supporting them in their pursuit of excellence.
  • Respect the physical environment of ACM and the wider community, and behave respectfully towards the people you share your environment with.
  • Make the most of the opportunities and facilities provided by ACM and wider industry partners.

ACM will provide:

  • High quality industry-led, student-centred teaching, support, advice and guidance that adheres to the standards set down by university partners and external agencies.
  • High quality student services to support and enhance your experiences whilst studying at ACM.
  • Access to activities that will enhance your industry and personal development
  • Opportunities and support for your participation in influencing course content, development and delivery through the academic board structure and student forums.
  • Suitable access to appropriate learning facilities and equipment.
  • Wherever possible, advanced notice of changes to your timetable, cancelled classes and any re-scheduling of content.
  • Clear programme and module specifications which contain, or refer to, information about your assessment criteria; contact hours; mode of delivery; assessment and examination arrangements and regulations; academic guidance; how to access relevant support; and any professional requirements necessary.

  • Clear programme costs, the payment options and deadlines, and will provide an accurate estimate of the necessary additional costs you may incur.

  • Timetables that will take into account the restrictions on students’ time and make effective use of learning activities. We aim to ensure students have more that one learning event in a day and that any breaks between events do not exceed 3 hours.

As a student you will:

  • Take responsibility for managing your own learning: actively engaging in your studies, ensuring you spend sufficient regular time in independent study, and participate fully in learning activities.
  • Attend your induction and transition sessions, participate in timetabled classes and attend meetings with your tutors and academic supervisors.
  • Submit assessed work by stated deadlines and attend all examinations.
  • Engage with your elected student representatives, and provide them with feedback to enhancement of the quality of your learning and teaching, and overall experience.
  • Actively engage with the wider industry by seeking opportunities to widen your experiences.
  • Notify ACM whenever an absence is unavoidable.
  • Ensure that you make arrangements with ACM for the prompt payment of any charges made to you when requested. • Familiarise yourself with regulations at ACM and those of your relevant validating university partner and awarding bodies.
  • Be aware of and seek advice both academic and pastoral services when needed.
  • Be aware and observe the practices associated with maintaining a high standard of academic integrity.

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