Policy 061: Student Engagement and Participation

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1.1 This policy outlines the expectations the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) has with regards to the engagement and participation of students at ACM, and the steps that may be taken in any instance where a student’s engagement and participation does not meet these standards. The policy is designed to ensure that students are treated in a fair and equitable manner.


2.1 ACM is committed to differentiated and inclusive learning and we will support our students to engage with their programme in a way that is effective for them, whilst enabling them to be successful in their learning.

2.2 ACM understands the needs of its diverse student body and encourages all students to positively participate in a variety of ways that develop their personal, professional and academic skills.

2.3 ACM will monitor the engagement and participation of students in order to support them more effectively in achieving their academic and professional goals. A student is not only expected and encouraged to engage and participate in timetabled academic sessions, but also in a number of other ways. These include:

  • Participation in timetabled learning activities;
  • Attendance in timetabled learning activities;
  • Participation and attendance of group or individual tutorials;
  • Independent study;
  • Engagement with peer learning activities;
  • Submission of all summative assessments;
  • Submission of formative assessments;
  • Use of the Virtual Learning Environment and other learning resources;
  • Engagement with non-compulsory curriculum enrichment programmes;
  • Attendance and participation in learning support activities, where appropriate and necessary;
  • Engagement with wellbeing and other pastoral support;
  • Participate in industry-centred activities.

2.4 To ensure the best possible outcome and experience, ACM recommends that students engage and participate in all activities outlined in item 2.3, as best they can. Failure to engage or participate in any ACM activity, without good reason, may result in a discontinuation of studies, or compulsory level repeat.

2.5 ACM expects all students to prepare and submit all assessments, both formative and summative. Continuous non-submission of assessments, without approved Extenuating Circumstances, will lead to discontinuation of studies, or compulsory level repeat.

2.6 ACM is committed to supporting student wellbeing alongside academic study. Should a student’s personal circumstances and wellbeing cause a significant barrier to their engagement, learning and attainment, ACM will provide academic and wellbeing support in order to endeavour to remove those barriers. Should a student’s circumstances continue to deteriorate enough to significantly impact the student’s academic progression and personal wellbeing, ACM will carry out a Fitness to Study assessment. Further details on this can be found in ACM’s Fitness to Study Policy.

2.7 ACM has multiple registration processes that support the blended learning activities. Student’s attendance and participation in all activities outlined in 2.3 are captured within their student record and this data is monitored to secure early intervention where a student may be disengaging.

2.8 Students are encouraged to notify ACM of their absence via the myACM app or by contacting their Cohort Tutor or Level Leader in order to facilitate necessary support.

2.9 Should the engagement and participation monitoring process highlight an issue with a student’s engagement, their Cohort Tutor or Level Leader will make contact with them. We consider this part of our strategy for supporting student wellbeing.


4.1 This Policy applies to students on the Foundation Year, and at FHEQ Levels 4, 5 and 6 at all ACM campuses.

  • Learning Teaching and Assessment
  • Fitness to Study
  • Finance
  • Withdrawal, Interruption and Internal Transfer
  • Student Transfer
  • Accreditation of Prior Learning

This Policy is under the responsibility of the Education Executive. The responsible committee will ensure the cyclical review of this Policy is carried out under ACM’s Quality Assurance Framework.


7.1 Discontinuation of Studies: This relates to any event in which a student does not complete their programme of study. This encompasses withdrawal, interruption (taking a break from study) and academic termination.


8.1 If a student is absent from a class, or has not engaged with the online content, the cohort tutor will contact them via Canvas or email to check in and offer support. This will provide the student with the opportunity to schedule an online catch up tutorial with the tutor.

8.2 If a student is absent from a number of classes across a number of weeks, and they have also not engaged with online content or assessments, the Level Leader will contact them via email, telephone and/ or Canvas to check in and offer support.

8.3 In the event of no response to, or no improvement following, the steps taken in 8.1 and 8.2 the Intervention Officer, or other member of the Integrated Services team will contact the student via email, telephone and SMS to ensure the student is safe and find out the reason for their disengagement.

8.4 If there is no contact from the student, and no other signs of engagement with any ACM activity, or member of the ACM community, the Designated Safeguarding Lead will be notified and the safeguarding procedures invoked.


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Version:                      1.0

Approved on:               07 September 2020

Approved by:               Integrated Executive

Date of next review:    August 2021

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