7. What can a student appeal and how, if they are not satisfied with their grade?

Despite all of the hard work we put into a thorough assessment process, sometimes, a student can occasionally still be left feeling dissatisfied with a result they’ve received. Whilst academic judgement in itself cannot be appealed, you absolutely can pursue an enquiry with us, where you believe there was a material error made in the management or marking of an assessment. You may also make enquiries with us if your performance in the assessment was impacted by Extenuating Circumstances and, by nature of those circumstances, you were not able to apply via the Extenuating Circumstances Procedure at the point of the assessment. 

Your enquiry must start as an informal notification. You should send an email to  assessment@acm.ac.uk at the earliest opportunity so that a member of the Programme Team can guide you through what we call the Early Resolution process. Most enquiries are resolved at this stage, however, if your case is not satisfactorily resolved at that time (or cannot be resolved without formal review), you may proceed to submit a formal appeal via an appeals form, which will be provided to you. This form must be submitted to studentengagement@acm.ac.uk

You have 21 working days from the publication of the grade you are unhappy with, in order to submit a formal appeal. Some valid examples of enquiries and appeals include:

  1. That a student’s performance in an assessment suffered through illness or other factors which the student was unable or for valid reasons unwilling to inform the Student Progression and Assessment Board (SPAB) or Final Exam Board (FEB) through the extenuating circumstances procedures before it reached its decision. 
  2. That there has been an administrative or procedural error in the management of the assessment. 
  3. That the assessment was not run in accordance with the programme regulations. 
  4. That the Student Progression and Assessment Board or Final Exam Board has failed to consider material circumstances, relating to the delivery of a module, which adversely affected a student’s performance in assessment. This ground will only be considered acceptable if the circumstances have been the subject of a Student Complaints and Grievance procedure, and the case of the complaint has been upheld, and steps have not been taken to mitigate the effects of the circumstances. 
  5. An Academic Appeal against a penalty imposed for academic misconduct on grounds listed in the Academic Integrity Policy. 
  6. That some other irregularity has occurred.

Further information on Academic Appeals can be found in the Academic Appeals Policy and Procedure available at www.acm.ac.uk/policies

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