6. If I graduate with all of my credits and am awarded my BA (Hons) qualification, how is my Degree classification worked out?

There is an algorithm used for working out Degree classification. It is fair and consistent for everybody. It is not a simple average, but takes note of the classification where the majority of grades occur in Level 6 modules.  If there is no majority, or where the majority is in the lowest third classification, the same calculation is undertaken, but looking at Levels 5 and 6 modules together. 

So, if you are working at Level 6 and are looking back at previous study levels thinking you could have done more, please remember that there is still everything to play for in terms of getting the degree classification you hope for.  And equally, if you are worried about your Level 6 performance, please remember that the algorithm allows us to look back at Levels 5 and 6 together to see if that would result in classification improvement. For those with extenuating circumstances, ACM is able to agree classification with the University by way of a Chairs  action. Whatever the case, ACM always acts in the best interests of its students in awarding the highest classification that is available to each individual, according to their assessed work, their individual circumstance and University regulation. Further information is available in your Student Handbook.

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