4. How do credits build towards their degree classification?

In order to achieve the full BA (Hons) qualification you are working towards, students are required to achieve 120 credits per study level, with the exception of Level 0, which is a non-credit bearing level designed to provide those with access to the accelerated degree provision, that needed further academic or technical development, prior to starting accelerated study. Not all students study at Level 0,  but where you do, it adds a year of study on to the front of the accelerated programme.

The accelerated programme itself lasts for two years. At ACM Guildford and Birmingham, we take a three year programme, and instead of having a long summer holiday spanning May through September, we teach an additional summer term, compared to a traditional University, and deliver it  over two years instead. It means you graduate sooner, better prepared for the demands of the real working world, where you don’t always have long holidays, and whatsmore, you save yourself money on tuition fees and a whole year’s worth of living costs.

Therefore, Levels 4, 5, and 6 (the three years of a traditionally delivered degree) are each delivered over two Trimesters at ACM.  You study Level 4 in your first year of degree. Level 5 spans year 1 and year 2, whilst Level 6 sits completely in that final year.

Level 4 has 8 modules, all worth 15 credits each, and totalling 120 credits.

Level 5 has 5 modules, 3 x worth 30 credits each, and 2 elective modules each worth 15 credits, again totalling 120.

Level 6 has 4 modules, each worth 30 credits, totalling 120 credits.

You have to achieve all of your 120 credits per level, totalling 360,  in order to get your full BA (Hons) Degree qualification. There are two ways to get your credits. The first is to pass your assessments attached to the module. OR, the second is to receive the credits in a compensated fashion, in recognition of an extenuating circumstance or a fail grade that meets the definition of compensatable, as set by the University.

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