4. Does attendance and engagement matter?

Absolutely! Staff are actively monitoring attendance to scheduled classes, in the way that we normally would monitor attendance, but we’re also monitoring general engagement with modules within the virtual learning environment. Are you actively participating in studies? Do you contribute to discussions online? Are you logged into Zoom sessions? We have analytics in modules that help us with this and we’re monitoring the data to identify students who may need our support.

There is also a link between engagement with these activities and achievement. In our digital delivery model, every student will be able to demonstrate the learning they have achieved within modular activities. 

Artistry and Creativity.

Technical Development.

Decision Making Rationale.



Professional Conduct.

These are the same things being assessed. So, applying learning in your modular activity is good preparation for your assessment. The data is clear in this area. Engage more to do better in your assessments.

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