3. What is the marking process?

Once an assessment deadline has passed, summative assessment submissions are tracked and allocated to appropriate markers by ACM’s Programme Operations Team. Markers are chosen because of a combination of their subject specialism and their suitability for marking work at that particular level.  Where multiple markers are involved in grading the same assessment, because of the number of assessments there are to mark, they may hold meetings to ensure a standardised approach to the marking process between them. Their marking takes place within a 10 day window of the assessment deadline and when it’s finished, ACM applies a Quality Assurance process, according to the regulations set out by our relevant University partner. As part of this Quality assurance process, a sample of marking from each module is reviewed by a moderator, who themselves are chosen because of a combination of their subject specialism and their suitability for marking at that particular level. A moderator is somebody who has not taken part in the process as a first marker, in order that they are impartial and can give an impartial view.

A moderator is able to agree with the marking sample provided or make recommendations for change that will result in further work from marking teams, in order to achieve a set of results that accurately reflects the standard of work submitted by ACM students.

When moderation is completed, results are released to students via Canvas.

At least once a study level, colleagues from across programme teams meet with the relevant University partner and an independent external examiner (who has themselves reviewed a sample of your submissions and ACM’s marking) in order to review those results. The board could recommend further action that may result in changes to those grades OR, as they do in the vast majority of cases, turn them into confirmed grades that will appear on your transcript. These confirmed modular grades are then published to you on myACM. This is the point at which credits are assigned.

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