2. So, what does assessment look like for Tri 3, considering the digital delivery methodology?

Assessments will be presented for each module in Trimester 3 during the first week of that module’s teaching ; w/c 27th April.

In the time between now and then, every assessment that forms part of Trimester 3 delivery will be discussed and developed by our Education Leadership, Subject Specialism and Teaching teams, to ensure that students receive a fair assessment that acknowledges the situation we find ourselves in. Modifications to assessment may be subject to the agreement of Middlesex University, our validating partner, if they require a significant change, but we don’t envisage this to be the case for the vast majority of assessments we are scheduled to discuss.

Assessments will take place online (either by way of submission or live audio-visual elements) and modular assessment may be broken down into smaller chunks, distributed across the term, rather than having to have one big assessment due per module, completely backloaded towards the end of term.

There will be designated study groups for all modules, so that you can learn, discuss and collaborate together with your tutors and peers, in order to deliver your best piece of work for your assessments, regardless of whether the assessment is a collaborative or individual assessment in its own right.

Assessments will then be subject to all the usual rigorous marking processes we have in place.

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