1. What is the minimum equipment a student needs to engage with online studies?

We have designed our learning experiences so that they are accessible to all using a minimum specification that we believe the majority of students will have access  to.  Where a student does not have access to the required setup, ACM will work to provide it. You can find a list of  what you need per module here and you should use our Module Preparedness Surveys (see your email inboxes) to tell us what, of that list, you have/don’t have.

Where specialist software is in use as part of learning, we have been working with partners to make that software available to those students who do not already have licenses of their own. We’ve also been building and updating our lists of free software.  You can find that software list at: https://acm.instructure.com/courses/412/pages/covid-19-software-and-hardware-deals-2

For the most part, our learning experiences are based around the Canvas, Zoom and Panopto tools you are already used to.  Accessibility really has been at the forefront of our minds as we’ve built this online provision. For us, our primary objective is to deliver the qualification that you’ve been working hard towards and deserve, in a safe, accessible, consistent manner.

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