1. What does the Level 6 timetable look like for the term ahead?

Going digital in Term 3 means more, and this extends to contact time.  We’ve got 12 hours per week of guided, supervised activity lined up for you over 9 weeks, and then some super special activity between weeks 10 and 15, to ensure that we finish this academic year with an event to showcase all of your creativity and collaboration. More information on that, soon.

Most weeks in Trimester 3 are delivery heavy weeks. For level 6 students, that means 12 hours of learning activities per week, including lectures and seminars, industry panels and small-group learning. Some weeks are a little lighter to allow for the practical application of learning, in weeks where those skills are being especially tested and developed.

One important thing to mention is that in this new model, there isn’t a dedicated reading week. Removing the reading week means you get even more contact time, and instead, we will distribute structured self-study and peer-learning groups throughout the term, to support students with their assessments.

So ; we’ve been listening to your feedback. You have more contact time, and more time with smaller learning groups. Going Digital for T3 really does mean more.

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