1. What does the Level 0 timetable look like for the term ahead?

Going digital in Term 3 means more, and this extends to our Level 0 provision, too. We’ve got 6 hours per week of guided, supervised activity lined up for you over 9 weeks, and then your final preparation for ACM Digital Festival between weeks 10 and 15, to ensure that we finish this academic year with an event to showcase all of your creativity and collaboration. You will be taught Production by Tony Wathen, Performance by Brian Henry, and Rachel Hiscock will be providing you with some business and branding input, as well as some small group tutorials to check how you’re doing!

One important thing to mention is that in this new model, there isn’t a dedicated reading week. Removing the reading week means you get even more contact time, and instead, we will help you with your skills to prepare for HE or the digital creative workplace.

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